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  ⬜  Provide what your visitors are seeking:

  1. Information about your non-profit
  2. Proof of quality, assurance that you are legit

​   ⬜  Keep your website simple!

  • Attention is finite​

  • The more items you put in front of someone, the less attention each item gets

  • Don't try to emphasize each element in your webpage

  ⬜  Things your website should do:

  • Make visitors aware that there is a need​

  • Make visitors aware that you can address that need

  • Answer your customer's questions:

    • Should this need be met?​

    • Why should I meet it with y​ou?


  ⬜  Make sure your site displays properly on cell phones and tablets​

  ⬜  Identify a few key Calls to Actions (CTAs) and make those actions easy to take online​, for example:

  1. Giving donations

  2. Volunteering

  3. Contacting you

  4. Sharing on social media

  ⬜  Know your main "competitors" and differentiate yourself online. Break the tie. What is unique about you?

  ⬜  Talk about your history, achievements, partners, about the difference that you've made to date. People are looking for legitimacy and a sense of trust.  Consider including testimonials.

  ⬜  Always provide at least one way for visitors to get in touch with you:

  • I recommend providing at least your email and/or a contact form. This way, you'll be collecting valuable leads and you will be able to contact these visitors in the future (with their permission) with special announcements, reminders, etc.

  ⬜  Make sure that your site can be found by search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

  ⬜  Review web analytics, which tell you how many people visit your website, and what they do when they are there. Use this information to adjust website design, special outreach, and Search Engine Marketing / Social Media Marketing campaigns. 

⬜  Consider adding a blog to your site -- it doesn't have to be a lot of work!

  • Unless the primary purpose of your website is to blog, you don't have to do it often or regularly

  • It is really just an opportunity to tell your stories, give updates, and make special announcements

  • Visitors are more likely to share blog posts on social media channels

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