Online Marketing Tips: Professionals

  ⬜  Leverage your email leads -- keep in touch with your clients & patients by sending out any/all of the following:

  • Special offers / sales
  • New product / service announcements
  • Your take on industry news
  • Your new blog posts
  • Changes related to your business (location, hours, awards, etc)

  ⬜  Create email that is engaging, clear, and likely to generate click-through to your site

  ⬜  Make sure that your site can be found by search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo

  ⬜  Review web analytics, which measure the success of your Email / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) / Social Media Marketing campaigns.  Re-use successful strategies in future campaigns.

  ⬜  Determine which social media channels could generate visitors and leads. Then:

  • Make sure that your business "exists" in each relevant channel: create a page (Facebook), an account (Instagram), an entry (Yelp), etc.

  • Regularly post content to each relevant channel


Which Social Media channels are right for me?

  ⬜  Facebook: the largest social media network in the world, it has nearly two billion members. It is most popular with the 25-50 year-old crowd. Most members read their stream multiple times per day. 

  • Setting up a well put-together free page on Facebook is a must for nearly anyone.

  • Posting content (including photos / videos) regularly or occasionally is right for many.

  • Creating paid ads is right for some. 

  ⬜  YouTube: the largest destination for video content on the web, it is also the second most-used search engine, after Google (ok, it's technically not a search engine, but the second most-likely place where people will look for answers to their questions is among YouTube's videos). Less used in Europe, where Vimeo is king.  

  • If appropriate, consider creating video that can be useful to your clients, including how-to's, advice, or humorous content. You can also pay to advertise here. 

  ⬜  Yelp: the #1 site for customer reviews on the web. 

  • You simply must have an account for your business and edit your listing.

  • You should also keep an eye on reviews and address negative ones. Encourage your clients to post about their experience here.

  • Lastly, you can pay to show up as a sponsored search result. 

  • If Yelp is right for you, you should also consider establishing and nurturing an account on Nextdoor, a neighborhood-based social network that is becoming increasingly popular. 

  ⬜  Instagram: one of the two most popular social media networks with millennials, it consists of shared images (mostly photos, but also images of short text). Content can be shared with friends only or with everyone at large, increasing chances that a post will "go viral".

  • Consider creating an account and at least one hashtag, particularly if you can share photos of your products or services.

  ⬜  Twitter: this app and website are most relevant for those who want to share time-sensitive information.

  • To make your efforts on Twitter worthwhile, you will also need to follow relevant accounts, monitor them, and re-tweet their content when appropriate. 

  ⬜  Pinterest, Snapchat, Google +, Soundcloud, Trip Advisor, and so many more!

  • Depending on your niche, having an account, posting content, and/or advertising on these channels may be worthwhile.

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